humanity for a
prosperous future.

Regal Prosperity is an organization dedicated to spreading
prosperity across the world. We organize awards, events,
and initiatives to ensure a prosperous future for all.

Regal Prosperity is dedicated to building a prosperous
future - prosperous, defined by success and wealth,
encompasses more than material. A prosperous
future is a safe and ethical future with abundant and adequate
opportunities to succeed with simple access thereto.


Latest News


Subway watch

We funded a community effort to keep New York subways safe.


Clean streets

We restored historic streets and landmarks in Quebec.


Debt reduction

We paid off a car loan for a family in New England.

Current Awards

Build your future

It's up to you to write your story, and it's up to us to provide you with the pen and paper.


The K.F.A. award is awarded to girls and women who have suffered domestic violence yet still continue to prosper in the face of their struggles.

Future Investors

Future Investors awards up to $100,000 to those who successfully complete the Regal Recruits Trading 101 investment education program, and demonstrate an exceptional understanding of trading.

Good Deed Challenge

The Regal Good Deed Challenge is a campaign intended to encourage and reward acts of kindness showcased on social media.

Our priorities

A World Where People Prosper and Thrive

We work to meet this ambitious goal by focusing on these key areas.

Increase Wealth

Nurture Healthy Minds

Mediate Discource

Preserve Cultures


54 Topic

Nature preservation

23 Topic

Food scarcity

9 Topic

Ocean pollution

4 Topic

Water access

90 Topic
How to help

Help spread prosperity and volunteer

Your contribution to society, however small, is felt and noticed

Prosper World

Choices for a prosperous planet

When the planet prospers, so do we..


When you further your own education, you can help others understand the importance and value of our natural resources.

Conserve Water

The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.

Choose Sustainable

Sustainable is smart. Not only do you save money, but you help save resources and in turn save the planet.

Shop Wisely

We all love to shop, but being brand aware and knowing what is in your products and where they're manufactured can't hurt.


Again, not only do you save money, you can help save resources and save the planet.


Lend a helping hand, feel better about your self and help others improve their lives as well.

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